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Reconnecting with Enthusiasm

One of the things I enjoy the most, witnessing someone else’s enthusiasm when they start a new job, a new relationship, a new travel journey, basically anything new.

Me and my husband just recently started a new company Back2Basics Journeys, as a side gig, and it feels so exciting to create something from scratch, something with meaning and purpose. We are thrilled to create soul-boosting experiences that will help people reconnect to what makes them Tick. It is all linked to my podcast, this blog and the commitment to nurturing human connections.

The excitement I’ve felt these past weeks is so refreshing that it has brought me to an important reflection:

Enthusiasm is the gasoline we need to get things done.

The main problem is that staying enthusiastic about something we have done for a long time is quite hard. I’ve been working in the family business for over 20 years now, and I admit it, sometimes is hard to keep things fresh and “new”, but I guess that’s why I am always looking for new products and services to include in our offerings, or for new initiatives to get involved in, so that the enthusiasm and excitement is renewed.

Some of the things I love to do when I feel I’ve been bitten by dullness at work are:

  • I get myself back to the time when I was interviewing for a role, or for my current job and remember how I analyzed and brought constructive criticism to how things were being run, and how I would do things differently, If I was hired. I used to tell my father that our company was lucky, because thanks to solid reputation we usually got Purchase Orders without chasing them too much. “Our customers buy, we don’t sell. Imagine how much we could grow if we were more aggressive at selling”, is what I told him when I wanted to be named Sales VP. So now, every time I feel myself getting too comfortable and not chasing business aggressively enough (which happens often!), I connect to that memory to get back on my toes.

  • Once every quarter, I pick a day of the work week as a reset and to pretend that is my first day on the job. I use that day to take stock of where things are, and what would I do differently if “I was in charge”. Tap into that energy and I assure you that you will regain some of your “gone for a walk” enthusiasm.

  • Calling a brainstorming all-staff meeting to engage with the team’s creative energy. Allow everybody to come up with ideas or new approaches and that way there will be enthusiasm flowing around. It is important to enact some of the ideas, because that is how you empower people and how you ensure that the enthusiasm stays real.

There are so many things on both the professional and personal front that we can do to keep approaching each day and each task with renewed joy, and it all starts with being mindful and intentional about it. I’ve shared what I am currently feeling enthusiastic about, would love to hear from you, share in the comments if you are enthusiastic about it!

P.S: Curious to learn more about the inaugural Back2Basics Experience taking place April 4-8, 2022 in Sicily, visit: BACK2BASICS EXPERIENCE | Leticia Latino

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