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From a young age, my son Christian showcased a natural talent for acting and being in front of the camera. I am not one of those moms that want their kids to be famous at all costs or that would force him to do anything he does not want to.  I am however the kind of mom that if my kids show talent, commitment, and the interest and will to do something and need my support to get it done, I will be there for them and rise to the occasion with all I’ve got.

Having said that, in supporting Christian’s career, I have really learned a lot about a different “world” and also have acquired new skills like Social media management, video editing and the art of “self-taping” that here and there have actually become useful in my own job! The part I love the most, besides learning and going out of my comfort zone, is the special bonding it has created between us which keeps growing every time we go on a casting or a “film shooting” adventure, like when he was asked to go to LA for a modern family casting! 

Christian red carpet2.jpg
Christian Red Carpet.jpg

Christian is SAG-e and some of his work includes:



  • Stage Moms. Reality TV. 

  • Siempre Niños, Don Francisco Te Invita.  Telemundo.



  • “Slow Moe,” Short Film. Director: Tim DeMoss. 

  • “A Boy’s Wish,” Virtual Reality Commercial. Director: Ange Soto. Winner of Student Showcase Palm Beach Film Festival. Watch video here.

  • Chuck E. Cheeses. ‘Tickets’ Commercial.

  • Total Party. “Party in a Box” Commercial.

  • Best West Tech, Young Chris. PBA Short Film. Director: Angel Soto

  • “3rd Generation” Campaign, State Farm, SAG Principal. 

  • “Broken People” Music Video. Artist: Evan Charles. Song produced by Emilio Estefan.    

  • WALL’S Old Fashioned Ice Cream. Commercial.  


I am very proud of what Christian has achieved so far, if you want to support him or check out his work please visit and follow:

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Christian V47 e hires.jpg
Christian V-198 e hires.jpg
Christian V-146 e hires.jpg
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