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I have built speeches around all the subjects that I have shared with you on this webpage and that are important to me. Topics of Some of my Speaking Engagements include:


  • Telecommunications:  5G: Is it 5G Dangerous? Telecom Workforce, Achieving diversity in a male-dominated industry, The evolution of the Tower Industry.


  • How to go Back2Basics and Stay there.


  • Networking with Heart.


  • Finding our voice. (Diversity and Inclusion)


  • Minding my Own Business. (Intersection between having a mindfulness practice and a successful business)


  • Working in the Family Business: How do you survive it?


  • Becoming an Agent of Change


  • Getting Out of your Comfort Zone


I like to speak, and I like to inspire.   I am happy to discuss any subjects that you want to focus on in your event.  I can deliver Keynotes in English, Italian, Spanish, and French, and doing more International Keynote speaking is one of my next goals! 

If you have read anything that resonates with you and you would like to have me speak at your event, let’s chat.

Click Camera to see Leticia on Webinar engagements:

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