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April 2-9, 2022

What is the Back2Basics Experience?

I've been spending my summer's in Sicily for as long as I can remember. Every time I'm there I feel a connection with the things that are important in life, the "intangibles" that are often hard to explain. The pace is slower, everyone "knows you", the food is as authentic as it gets, and the whole place exudes a rawness that even for Italians, being in their own country, is a different experience altogether. The whole idea of having a podcast called Back2Basics was born one day that I was admiring a full moon over the calmest sea you can imagine, the surroundings were able to make me re-connect with what makes me TICK, and I am fully convinced it can do the same for you.

Every person that has come to visit has been bewitched as well, including my dear husband Don who finds its beauty  and historic richness endearing.

Disconnecting from our daily lives to re-connect to what is important to us, is in our view the path to living a fulfilled life.  Coming out of the COVID pandemic won't be easy and that is  why we created a unique and unforgettable experience centered around reconnecting to:

  • Yourself and Others

  • Nature 

  • Wellness

  • What makes you TICK!

Join us at the Exclusive Castello Tafuri

The Castello Tafuri dates back to 1935 and stands on a steep cliff on the south-eastern coast of Sicily, opposite the island of Capo Passero in the Siracusa Province. Set against a crystal clear blue sea, it is perhaps the most prominent attraction in the area. For many years it has been the symbol of this small fishing village, today a 'best-kept secret' booming destination for travelers that want to experience a different Italy.

The castle has only 18 rooms/suites and during the week of April 2-9, 2022 will be exclusive to Back2Basics Guests.

This Experience has been carefully designed to:

Get Inspired:

While the unique location has the potential to get you inspired by itself, there will be several "keynote" style motivational sessions throughout the week, carefully designed to re-ignite the spark in your mind and soul. Inspiration can come from many different sources, and that is why this is a blended experienced that aims at awakening your inner self, while having fun and enjoying all that Sicily has to offer.


Maybe you have been to Sicily, maybe you haven't, but there's so much to explore and see on this beautiful island that choosing the sightseeing excursions was not easy. This experience includes two extraordinary excursions, one to the gorgeous mountain top town of Taormina which overlooks the magnificent Etna Vulcano,* and the other to the architecturally stunning town of Siracusa.* Other planned activities will also provide an opportunity to visit the landmark Baroque town of Noto,* Marzamemi, and Porto-Palo di Capopassero.

*Towns marked with an Asterisk have the UNESCO World Heritage Site recognition which is given to places of importance to cultural or natural heritage. 


While the beauty of the island is stunning, the thing that most people talk about after visiting Sicily is the food. The "big secret" is the ingredients. Most Sicilians will die before buying things like capers, origano, parsley, basil, cherry tomatoes, even olive oil or limoncello from the market. The majority takes great pride in have it home-grown or to at least procure it from someone that has. Our intention is for you to have the chance to indulge in all the flavors that Sicily has to offer. If keen to it, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a culinary experience that will start at the farmer's market and will end with a delicious meal. Let's also not forget that Sicilian wine is slowly but surely gaining more international recognition, and there's no way a trip to Italy cannot include wine tasting.


The week that we have planned has been conceived to be approached "free-style," meaning that while we would love for all guests to engage in all the activities and experiences that we are offering, we recognize that sometimes one just feels like just taking it easy. We have made sure that you will have time to reconnect with your travel partner or to have free time to do what makes you happy, but want to make sure that you know that you are the one making the call.   

Click on the Map and you'll understand how special this location is!

Choose your accomodation:

The Charming Boutique Hotel Castello Tafuri, has the following lodging choices:

- Four Double Rooms with (with none or limited sea view)

- Four Double Rooms with Sea view

- Five Suites (whit none or limited sea view) of which one of them with whirlpool.  (Suites can sleep up to four people)

- Three Suites with Sea view 

- Two Royal Suites with Sea View (sleeps up to 6 people).

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