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Neptuno USA, Corp.

“How do you guys do it? how can you work together and still have such a great relationship with each other?” That is probably the question I’ve been asked the most in my life. For whatever reason, people are afraid of the idea of working in a family business, yet, I can tell you, there is no stronger driving force than to feel that what you do, day in and day out, is contributing to a family legacy that spans over 50 years of very hard, hard work. Working with people you actually like and care for gives purposes to our lives. The legacy extends also to our customers, with whom we have grown and evolved and, in some cases, written history together by building some of the very first cellular networks in the Americas. You want proof?  Visit where you can see a picture of me in my pregnant mom's belly, visiting a cell site build-out back 1973. Some people say: “I feel I’ve been in this industry forever'. Well, I actually have!.


Back in 2002, after spending several years working for Merrill Lynch and Nortel, I accepted the challenge to join the family business and help bring Neptuno’s name, legacy and know-how to the US and to explore ways to innovate and get ready for the new technology “wave.” As a result, Neptuno, a provider of Telecommunications Infrastructure, has patented several tower designs, has applied 3-Dimensional technology to Site Surveys and Tower Mapping, has created telecom assets virtual libraries, has helped develop Telecom Asset Management Software and is taking an active role in the Smart Cities movement.


I am also passionate about developing the Telecommunications Workforce and getting actively involved in the important work that our Industry’s Trade Associations do to advance causes like this. I think that unfortunately, we have allowed people to forget that the work we do MATTERS, that each field technician and tower climber that is out there making communications possible should be honored and recognized. Equally important is to create awareness around the broad spectrum of Telecommunications Technical Career Paths that can offer young people fresh out of high school a well-paying job that can provide a bright future for them.


One of the things I enjoy the most is mentoring young women starting their careers in Telecommunications. I am actively involved with Women in Wireless Leadership Forum (WWLF) and Women of NATE (WON). If you are interested in their mentorship programs you can visit:



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And a Nationally Certified Women-Owned Business.

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SmartTecPort, LLC.

SmartTecPort is a newly launched venture by Neptuno Smart Solutions and its focus is transforming the small cell use in smart cities. We launched a whole new brand to partake in the Smart City Movement recognizing that we are moving into an era wherein wireless infrastructure must be smart and has to be able to do more for all stakeholders. Antennas and sensors placed on the SmarTecPort facilitate smart and concealed connectivity between the city and its community.

So much data is now being demanded by our smartphones. However our wireless networks and cell sites were not originally designed to handle this high throughput of data. With the advent of 5G wireless communications, we are going to substantially increase our ability to do things from our smartphone, but we have to prepare the networks. The fiber must be on the ground, the densification has to be enabled So many things need to happen.

SmartTecPort Solutions is promoting the concept of art in public spaces and technology wrapped in art so that wireless antenna site structures have an artistic and concealed component. With this artistic feature, the SmartTecPorts are aesthetically pleasant, blend well with city landscape and minimize city footprint.  

I am actively involved in the Smart City Council Task Force and WIA’s City Networks Task Force. I also obtained a "Smart Cities – Management of Smart Urban EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) to be better prepared for what the future holds.


Someone once highlighted that my father and Neptuno, had been part of the Cellular Revolution, and that with SmartTecPort we are now also positioned to be part of the Smart City Revolution, and I just love that possibility!


Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition:

Women of Mobile2Mobile/IoT Award 2018 by Connected Magazine.

Revolutionary CEO’s 2019 by Aspioneer.


The 30 Most influential Leaders in Tech 2019 by Insight Success.


The Most Admired Women in Leaders in Business 2021 by CIO Look:

Leticia Latino: Personifying Prolific Leadership |CIOlook


Smart Disruptor 2021 by SmartCityExpoMiami

The Outstanding Business Leaders 2021 by CIO Look:

Leticia Latino: Personifying Prolific Leadership |CIOlook

January 2022- Appointed by Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel to the Interagency Telecommunications Working Group, in response to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the charge of the working group is to present a workforce-related report to Congress by January 2023.

October 2021- Appointed to the Innovation and Access Working group of the FCC’s Equity and Diversity Committee (CEDC) for a two-year term.

July 2019-  Appointed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai as a full member of the Broadband Development Advisory Committee and the Chair of Job Skills Working Group for a two-year term. 


Watch Leticia’s Participation in BDAC Meetings:

September 19, 2019

Job Skills Working Group Presentation chaired by Leticia Latino Starts at 1:30:40  


December 3, 2020 

Job Skills Working Group Presentation chaired by Leticia Latino Starts at ) 0:59


March 27, 2020

Job Skills Working Group Presentation chaired by Leticia Latino Starts at 1:16


July 29, 2020

Job Skills Working Group Presentation chaired by Leticia Latino Starts at 0:40

October 29, 2020

Job Skills Working Group Presentation chaired by Leticia Latino Starts at 2:51:10  During this meeting the Recommendations Report of the working group was voted on and accepted by unanimous vote.  Watch presentation and Download full report here:

BDAC Meeting, October 2020 | Federal Communications Commission (

December 17, 2020   

Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee Meeting - December 2020 | Federal Communications Commission ( 

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