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The sense of Urgency

I was reflecting last week on why a few of the initiatives I have been working on for a while were kind of stuck. I revised the strategy, the actions taken (past and current) and I was actually pleased with all of it, and then, as I was assessing why I wasn't getting the results I expected, the epiphany came. I wasn't working on these initiatives with a Sense of Urgency, a sense that is actually deemed by some experts as one of the 'secret' keys to success.

Sometimes, we have so many things on our plate, that we just can't treat all opportunities equally. We prioritize and we give more attention to some over others. And yet, even if the initiatives have our attention, working them with a "go-getter" attitude, with the urgency that it has to happen NOW, does change the dynamic of things.

We tend to work from that state of mind when we are 'hungrier', when we lack work and we don't know where the next paycheck is going to come from or when we are on a mission to prove something. When all is good and we get comfy, we lose that drive.

I admit it, I got "comfy" with those projects for a couple of weeks, and they inevitably stalled a bit, but guess what? I started treating them with a sense of Urgency right away, and I already have a few things set up for them this week that will get them going on a full blast! Becoming aware and mindful about how are you approaching each thing you are working on, can be a game-changer on your performance.

So, What projects are you working on that need to be treated with more urgency to get them unstuck? Today seems like a great day to set a change of pace.

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1 Comment

Lemaire Martinez
Lemaire Martinez
Nov 01, 2021

The best sentence for today .. "we just can't treat all opportunities equally"

Thank you !!!

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