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The FUN in Dreaming big!

When Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Atlantic was a kid, he had one humongous dream, going to space. This weekend, at 71 he achieved it, and with him, we all did, because it undoubtedly is a step forward for all humanity! Leave aside the fact that he's a billionaire or many of the other things that the nay-sayers will highlight to try to minimize his achievement. The essence of what happened is: He made something that seemed impossible to achieve, happen.

Today we all should be beyond happy because there's a big proof that if we set our minds to do something, and of course work tirelessly to achieve it, it can happen. Pushing the boundaries is the way we make magic happen. We don't achieve extraordinary things by sitting comfortably within the lines drawn for us by someone else. Having the courage to redefine those boundaries is what really allows us to co-create our own destiny.

The weekend also brought two other seemingly impossible tasks to fruition. Argentina's National Soccer Team winning the "Copa America" in Brazil's own Maracana Stadium and the Italian National Team winning the European Cup, after 53 years, in front of over 60,000 English fans at Wembley Stadium. Mind you, three years ago it was the first time EVER that Italy didn't even qualify for the World Cup, so what has happened in these past years is indeed magical.

All Italian players have emphasized that their coach has had one main instruction before all matches.

"Play to have Fun. Play like if you were playing with your friends during school recess." h

It seems like a small or unimportant advice, but most players said that that empowerment to play the game with the pure intention of having fun, changed everything and took them straight to an incredible result.

If you saw any of Richard Branson's interviews after his shuttle landed, you can clearly see that he had the time of his life. For sure he shared that the road to that moment wasn't always fun and rosy, but he never compromised his dream because the road got hard at some point.

Being loyal to your dream and having fun while you try to achieve it, seems to be what will take you one step closer to YOUR OWN celebration. The presence of Fear, is only an indication that you are on the right track, don't let it stop you.

Are you ready to start pushing some of your own boundaries and have some fun?

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1 Comment

Lemaire Martinez
Lemaire Martinez
Jul 12, 2021

OWN Celebration .Awsome!!!!

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