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The experience of Gratitude

In the over one hundred interviews I've done for my Back2Basics Podcast, I've heard about incredible journeys, filled with as much trauma, tragedy, and failure as with joy, success, and Gratitude. Pretty much all of my guests have said in one way or the other, that being thankful for all experiences, good and bad, has been a key component of them living the life they want. One of them shared that her motto was: "Never let a good crisis go to waste" and that stayed with me as a valuable piece of wisdom.

This past weekend, I caught my six-year-old Emma, praying on her own and for that moment, I experienced the purest form of Gratitude I have ever felt. Gratitude isn't just in our head: It takes root in our heart and in our senses, for one beautiful moment to as many as we allow. The practice of naming a few things you are grateful for each day is very powerful. It trains our minds to see the good rather than the bad. The glass half full rather than half empty.

You see, sometimes we allow life to run us over, and we fail to create the space needed to be aware of the many good things we have around. Just this weekend, I was complaining to my aunt about having to clean my house, and then she said, that while she understood where I was coming from, there's nothing she would love more to do now than to be able to clean (she has major leg problems and can barely walk). I finished the cleaning duties with a complete attitude reset.

At work, we get so caught up with the day-to-day, that we forget how lucky and blessed we are for having our jobs in the first place. As I prepare for the work-week ahead, I decided to pin down what I feel gratitude towards.

Today, I am lucky that In my job I get to:

- "Drive the bus"

- Improve, Redirect, Redesign

- Strategize

- Lead, motivate, inspire and advise

- Tie up loose ends

- Persuade, Convince, Influence

- Make my Customers and partners feel special

Entrepreneurial spirit that I am, I don't mind setting up, Start-up and Pack-up as many times as needed until I get where I want to go. By now I have learned that success is a journey, not a destination. And you? What are you grateful for today?

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