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The beating sound of Life

Last week I had my heart seriously checked. X rays, heart Ultrasound and a full stress test. As someone that struggles with high blood pressure, my Dr. wanted to make sure that Mr. Heart is doing good. And luckily it is in top shape.

I knew how a miracle sounded every time I got to listen to the heartbeats of my two babies during pregnancy visits.

I, however, hadn't had the chance to listen to my OWN heartbeat for such an extended period of time, from different angles, in such a detailed way.

It goes fast, and (if you are healthy) it truly doesn't skip a bit. It occurred to me that most of us take for granted those 100,000 times that our hearts beat per day. It pumps five or six quarts of blood each minute, or about 2,000 gallons per day so that we can go on with our day. Talk about a hard worker!

As I was listening in, I started talking to my heart. Thanking in it, appreciating it, sending love and gratitude. I had never done that before, and it felt good. I also thanked it, when after the stress test the Dr. joked that if all his patients had my heart he would be broke.

Three days went by, and my husband and I got the unexpected call that a close friend of ours had suffered a massive heart attack, and at 53, he had suddenly died. Just liked that. Gone. From one minute to the next. He was such a healthy, athletic person, and yet his heart decided to stop. No warning, no time to say good-bye to his kids (19 and 15) or his wife. Just an abrupt and in my opinion, unfair, "Game Over".

These two coincidental moments that happened to me last week, made me more aware than ever, of the beating sound of Life, of how my heart loyally shows up for me even as I sleep, and that HE is life itself. I can keep living as long as he's willing to show up for work, so I intend to do the same, by being more intentional, more mindful, and more present.

Show your heart some love today by saying:

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