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  • Leticia Latino

Is it Friday Yet?

Has it ever happened to you, that right at the beginning of the week, and especially while riding on an office building elevator you hear comments like:

Is it Friday Yet?

Three more days.....

Monday AGAIN!

The worst part is that I feel that even my kids are starting to do this. Subconsciously dreading Mondays because it means they have to go back to school. Hey, I get it, I love weekends too. Sleep in a little, slowing down the pace (especially the pre-pandemic pace) and having more quality time with the family.

I, however, have always liked the feeling that a Monday gives me. The possibilities it represents. The goals I set myself to achieve and the progress I will make.

I refuse to fall into the: "Is it Friday Yet" trap. Living as if we are on automatic pilot to get to each weekend, only to then complain that it was too short and that we had to start another week all over again. Draggin' through life is not my thing and when I feel I'm being pulled into that mindset, I try to stay as intentional and mindful of the present moment as possible. There's air in my lungs, there's energy in my body and ideas in my brain. Let's get to it!

As I drive my kids to school on Mondays, I'm making an effort of transferring some of that energy to them. To teach them that life is not lived only on weekends, that we need to make sure we do things we are passionate about every day of our lives, so that instead of dreading a new day, we look forward to it with excitement and anticipation.

I can't wait for it to be Monday so I get to do what I LOVE, again.

We all fall into the trap, but it is up to us to bite the hook each week.....or not.

Rethinking our own relationship towards Mondays can be an empowering way to change the energy flow of our weeks and our lives. What kind of Monday is it for you today?

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