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Have you picked a Word of the Year for 2021?

New Year's Resolutions or Word of the Year?

I admit it, I've never been the kind of person that writes New Year's Resolutions. I have always been more of the "just do it" kind of gal, so If I feel I need to do something I generally don't wait for the year to end, or for my birthday, or for " ", to establish that's when is going to happen. I think that's putting a lot of performance pressure to be honest, and the risk of feeling like a failure if you have a bunch of things that you carry over, year after year, is not to be taken lightly. But I do understand that some people find the idea of "starting with a clean slate" appealing, not to mention the excitement and anticipation that the possibilities of a new year provides.

During the holidays, I stumbled into an article that provided a different approach. It offered the idea of having a word for the year, and it really resonated with me. Having one word as your daily navigation compass, one word to shape the mind-set that you commit to have for that year, to help you not to stray and to keep focused.

I decided to give it a try this year, so I set out to find my word and I didn't have to think much.

GROWTH. Personal, spiritual, professional, financial. There's so many ways in which one can grow. Just a look at the scale during Covid times to prove the point!

I have always said that one of my biggest fears is to feel that I am underutilizing my talents, that I am "coasting" or on automatic pilot, so I know, that unconsciously I have always strived for growth. I have never, however, openly and consciously committed to it. Pursued it. Announced it. So there it is, my word of the year, loud and clear.

As I was writing this blog, I realized that although last year I didn't officially have a word, everything I did revolved around "Inspiring", so even when is not so evident, if you let your heart guide you, the word will equally manifest in all you do. I am just curious about what will happen when you are intentional about it.

If you like this idea, but don't know how to start, just think about something that would help you be the best version of yourself, that would help you make better decisions as you build the life you want for yourself. Here are some example of great words that can help you start your "personal brainstorm": Organize, Focus, Consistency, Trust, Positivity, Less, More, Listen, Action, Appreciate, Now, Commit, Contribute, Share, Finish, Relax, Explore... Once you choose it, don't forget to make your word visible in your home, and at work. Print it, write it, pin it to your visual board, stick it will help you not forget about it as the year gets crazy!

I would love it if you share your word here, it will also serve as a great way to start manifesting!!!

2021 here we go! I'm ready, are you?

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