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Dream vs. Vision

One of the things I love the most about hosting a podcast like Back2Basics, is the fact that I feel that in each conversation I learn and grow so much.

Recently, I asked one of my guests about her dreams, and I got an unexpected answer, one that I loved by the way, and hence decided to write this blog around it.

"Leticia, I don't like to talk about Dreams, to me is all about the Vision", she said. She then basically shared that in her view, by definition a dream is something passive, something you don't have much control over and that Vision, on the other hand, was active, it is a roadmap.

I loved that angle so much, that I actually looked up both definitions in the dictionary.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the MAIN definitions of these words are:

Dream: a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep.

Vision: the act or power of imagination.

So, Yeah, she's definitely on to something, and am glad she brought it up in our conversation because I do tend to use both words as synonyms when in reality they are everything but. Now that I am aware of the difference I intend to talk more about my vision and less about my dreams.

Interestingly enough, over the weekend I read an article about Jennifer Lopez in this month's In-Style Magazine and they asked a bunch of people that are close to her to share something about how she is in her private life. Her ex-husband, Marc Anthony said this:

“The thing about Jennifer is her ability to see and understand things before they happen. Before she even brings an idea up, she has visualized it a thousand times. And if anyone says it might not be the greatest idea, she’ll say, ‘You just don’t see it yet.’ Nine times out of 10, she’ll nail it.”

The more we understand the dynamics of vision, the more we can consciously choose to function at the level of vision--beyond positions, beyond reactions, beyond fear.

'You just don't see it yet'! I love that expression.

Can you relate to having a clear vision in your mind, and being disappointed, demotivated and probably dropped the ball because when you shared it with others they just couldn't see it? If yes, you have work to do. Pick up that vision and see if you can reconnect with it. A powerful vision calls you naturally into heroic action. Vision is what makes you dare: dare to explore, dare to challenge, dare to insist, dare to keep pushing, dare to have the determination to succeed. Stop dreaming and start envisioning. Are you up for it?

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