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Celebrating Milestones

I remember when I first met my husband, he made me notice that I and my family had always a good excuse to celebrate something. Someone got a good grade, a doctor’s appointment resulted in an “all good” conclusion, our family business got a contract...... I think you get the idea. Yes, it is true, I am always ready to celebrate a milestone, and I admit it, I’m quite good at coming up with them! I think that if you train yourself to find ANY reason to celebrate something, you are paying attention to the good things that are happening to you rather than the bad, and that results in great mindset ‘workout’.

So it should come as no surprise that this week I am indeed celebrating a milestone, and this one is a big one for me. My Podcast Back2Basics- Reconnecting to the essence of YOU is reaching its 100th Episode!. I have been asked many times how I got my podcasting journey started, so I thought that would be a great story to share today.

I have been following Seth Godin for a long time. I have read all his books and read his blog daily. He just has the ability to get to me (and I know millions of others), so as they say, if you find something that just does the trick for you, keep doing it! Back in late 2018, I heard about this podcasting on-line course that he had designed with Alex DiPalma called The Podcast Fellowship. It was like if a bee had stung me. 'If I enroll, I can have a podcast… in a month? Hmmm. Interesting."

Since I was a child, I have liked telling stories, talking to people and inspiring others. When I thought about it, I even remembered that I would play pretend about interviewing others! In any case, I had been clear for a while that I needed to find a creative outlet for myself and without knowing why, there was something about the idea of having my own podcast that REALLY EXCITED ME. So, I threw a coin in the air, Heads I do it, Tails I don’t (yes, I do that sometimes!). It was Tails. Yes, you are reading right, Tails. I do the coin toss because I know that by the time the coin is spinning in the air, my heart is already wishing for a specific outcome. So, decisions are made even before the coin lands in my hand. The follow-up act is doing a “coup d’état” to your mind and finding the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

Back2Basics – Reconnecting to the Essence of you was launched in January of 2019 because of my feeling that we spend our hours ‘connected,’ but we are drifting away from real human connection. Especially to ourselves. We are allowing the world and its noise to get between us and our ability to stay true to our essence, to pursue our passions and to live mindfully.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from each guest that I’ve had on the show and for each one of them I am extremely grateful. Each one of them has been an inspiration and a growth source. I could have never predicted the new friendships and relationships that I would make just by connecting with people on a similar ‘thought path’ and journey than mine. Never do something because of what you want to get out of it, do it with authenticity and let the rest unfold. Surrender to the possibilities and let them surprise you.

I obviously wanted the 100th episode to be as meaningful as possible. I also wanted to serve me to renew my own energy to keep it going. In thinking about who would be my dream guest for it, I visualized it right away. ‘Seth Godin, no doubt about it.’ I then dared to ask him (no coin tossing this time). He said yes, and what you will hear in this episode is truly full circle for me. Reason enough to celebrate? For me, Absofreakinlutely! Cheers!

You can listen to Back2Basics in ALL Streaming Platforms, for visiting:

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please Like it, review it, and share it, this is the best gift you can give me as it is a fully organic and sponsors-free podcast.

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