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A Fresh Look

Starting a new year is a perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at things. Out with the old and in with the new they say. I am not sure that is that easy, but certainly, a new calendar year opens up the door for 365 days of Hope and Possibility, however having a realistic expectation that there will only be good stuff happening to us is a bit crazy. There are no ups without lows and vice versa.

One of the things I love to do for my first day back in the office after the holidays is to take time to strategize. I put pen to paper and have a short brainstorming session with myself. I let my heart and my mind manifest and I write everything out. I then let it simmer for a bit and go back to it and really commit to taking in everything I wrote with a fresh look, intentionally leaving the problems, challenges, opinions that revolve around each word on the paper behind. I then prioritize and create my game plan for the first quarter of the year. I focus on defining two or three tangible things I can do for each initiative to keep moving the ball forward. Juggling initiatives is an art, but it is quite achievable if you take one small step at a time towards a clear direction.

Don't bury yourself in email and daily tasks just yet, you will have time for that. Some things are very urgent, I understand, and they need to be addressed, but the first couple of weeks of a new year gives you a once in a year opportunity to rightfully reset the year's goals and objectives, don't let it slip by without rethinking, resetting and looking at things with fresh eyes.

Wishing everybody an energized, intentional and abundant 2022! Let's do this!

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