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Leticia Latino

A Note from Me:

Thank you for visiting!  I am excited to have a place where I get to share a 360 perspective on who I am, what I’m passionate about and what I advocate for.  

Not too long ago, I was told by someone  I really respect that I “network with heart” and that I have an ability to inspire people.   I gave it some thought and decided to intentionally and mindfully manifest those qualities.  I embarked in a process of re-assessing ways to include more of my passions and what makes me “tick” into my life.  The result? 

A revamped life mission, one centered around INSPIRED CONNECTIONS, LOVE AND KINDNESS AND GROWTH.


My Why?



When I connect with others, true magic happens. This is because I understand that mutually inspiring outcomes can only result from genuine interactions rooted in similar core values. I can recognize when resistance prevents people from pursuing their dreams. Using my creative energy, trust, and generosity I prompt a call to action and a desire to pay it forward.

On Networking with Heart

“My goal is to create meaningful relationships that transcend products, services, projects and time”

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On Personal Growth:

“I don’t go after new experiences because I’m bored or unhappy, I do it because getting out of my comfort zone is the best source of growth there is. My biggest fear is to stop learning and be OK with it.”

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